Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program


JUNE 4, 2018 – OCTOBER 31, 2018


9 AM – 11 AM    &     1 PM – 3 PM    Monday through Friday

Vouchers will once again be a $28 booklet consisting of seven $4 vouchers.

Only one voucher booklet per household.   Please bring some form of identification with you. You may proxy for someone who qualifies but is not able to come to the center to sign up. Call (304) 623-6795 for proxy paperwork details and requirements.

To qualify, you must be 60 + years of age or older and not exceed the income guidelines for 2018. (See chart below.  GROSS INCOME – before taxes)


Household Size Weekly Bi-Weekly Twice-Monthly Monthly Annual
1 $432 $864 $936 $1,872 $22,459
2 $586 $1,172 $1269 $2,538 $30,451
3 $740 $1,479 $1,602 $3,204 $38,443
4 $893 $1,786 $1,935 $3,870 $46,435

Please note:

  • If you are in our Mountaineer Senior Food Box Program, your voucher paperwork will be prepared from your current information. You will be notified of your available pickup date and time by the program facilitators.
  • If you are currently a participant in our In-Home Caregiver program and qualify for produce vouchers, your paperwork will also be prepared from your current information and will be delivered to you through your caregiver.

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