HCSCC Board of Directors Election 2022


Q. Are members of one satellite able to vote at another location?

A. Yes. Everyone is a member of Harrison County Senior Center and may or may not have a satellite affiliation.  Voting times at satellites are just another location and opportunity for any member in good standing to vote, in addition to voting opportunities at the center.  You may have members not affiliated with your satellite showing up at your satellite location just during voting time.    

Q. Are we voting in April and May? 

A. Voting will ONLY take play in MAY 2022 at the dates, times and location listed on the voting schedule. It is expected that candidates will campaign during April. 

Q. What are candidate essays? 

A. At the time of application, candidates submitted a 150-word maximum essay to highlight why he or she would like to be elected as a board member and how he or she would help to serve the Harrison County Seniors as a board member.  Those essays, as written by the candidate, are posted next to his or her picture on the candidate flyer. 

Q. What does it mean to be “a member in good standing?”

A. A member whose dues are current (paid) for the 10/1/2021 – 9/30/2022 session. Dues must be received at the senior center by the last business day of April 2022 (April 29, 2022) for that member to be included on the May 2022 Official Member Voting Roster. 

Q. It shows that you will only be at my satellite for one hour. What if people are still being processed to vote?

A. As in state and national elections, if you are “standing in line” when the polls close you are still able to vote.  If someone is coming to your location just to vote, they must arrive during that time frame.  If we are still processing members to vote, we will stay and complete the voting process for all eligible voters. 

Q. Will there be absentee ballots?

A. Yes. While there are many opportunities and locations in May for any member to vote, we recognize that there may be members that will be unable to visit a voting location during May for a variety of reasons. The absentee process is explained at the end of the Q and A.  

Q. What happens if I make a mistake on my ballot or decide not to vote?

A. If a voter makes a mistake and requires a replacement ballot, the original ballot will be marked as spoiled and placed in the ballot box.  The voter will be given a replacement ballot.  If the voter decides not to vote, that ballot will be marked spoiled and placed in the ballot box. 

Q. Is the ballot box secure?

A. Yes. The ballot box has a back lock for the large opening.  The election chair has the key to that lock.  The front slot opening will have a zip tie numbered tag system that is secured and witnessed when closed and opened. 

Q. What happens if I vote for more than five?

A. Ballots with more than 5 votes will be considered spoiled and will not be counted. 

Q. How will voting take place?

A. The poll workers will have the tagged ballot box, unstamped ballots, and the master list of eligible members.  It is helpful for members to have their current membership card ready, if possible, in case there is an issue.

The satellite president, designee, or a center member will verify that the seal is valid before the box is opened.  The seal will be numbered, and the previous witness signature will be beside the seal number on the list and their initials will be on the tag. 

Those members able to come to the table to sign the list and pick up a ballot may do so. Once the member signs, he or she will be given a stamped ballot.  The member may take the ballot, mark it, and return it to the ballot box.  Once those members are processed, any member that needs assistance will be processed. 

At the close of voting, the poll workers will request that a satellite officer or center member witness the sealing of the ballot box and sign the seal list and initial the seal. 

Q. How will absentee voting take place?


HCSC understands that some members may be physically unable to vote in person at one of the voting locations. Satellite members may call their satellite president and request an absentee ballot.  Center members should call the center and speak with Beth or Nancy or leave their name and number and request. 

Absentee Ballots will be available by the beginning of May 2022.

Satellite presidents will be issued Absentee Ballots at the April 28th Presidents Council meeting. 

The requesting member should designate who will be responsible for delivering the ballot to them and returning the ballot to the satellite president or center.

The absentee ballot will have an inner security envelope for the completed ballot. That inner security envelope will remain unmarked.  The security envelope will be placed in an outer envelope that will require the absentee voter to print his or her name, telephone number, and satellite affiliation (if any) or center, and affix his or her signature. 

Absentee ballot envelopes will be placed in the ballot box.  All absentee ballots must be received by 1 pm on the last day of voting, May 25, 2022. 

When the ballot box is opened, the election team will take the absentee ballot envelopes and determine the member eligibility.  If a member is eligible, the inner unmarked security envelope with the ballot will be removed and set aside.  If a member is ineligible, the outer envelope will remain unopened and will be marked as spoiled.

Once all absentee ballot outer envelopes are processed, the remaining inner envelopes will be opened, and those ballots will be stamped and given to the vote counters to determine ballot eligibility. 


If you have any additional questions, or need additional clarification, please do not hesitate to call the director at 203.623.6795, Ext. 103. 

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